Pre-Registration Information

Pre-Registration Info

A separate registration form must be filled out for each first-time adult attending. Legal guardians with attending minors under 18 can fill one for themselves and all the minors that they are responsible for.

By sending in your registration form to KCM you are acknowledging receipt of and willingness to comply with the guidelines for conduct outlined by KCM for this event.

This applies to you and any minors who accompany you on the premises of Fairwood Bible Institute. Failure to abide by these guidelines may be grounds for a KCM representative to ask you to leave the premises.

Campus Guidelines

The foundational guideline is to abide by the principals and commands of the Bible.

With this understanding, we ask the following:

1. Please refrain from bringing alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the property.
(If you feel that you must smoke please do so in location off of Fairwood property.)

2. Please refrain from loud or disruptive music.

3. Please observe the rule of quiet after 10:30 p.m.

4. Please love your neighbor by not wearing immodest or provocative clothing. Many women attending prefer skirts and dresses but there is no requirement to do so.

5. If you are the guardian of any children under 18, you must be completely responsible for them and be aware of where they are at all times. (There will also be a few optional organized activities where children will be supervised by screened KCM staff.)

6. Please respectfully comply with any staff directives.

Dogs may be brought to Fairwood subject to the dog policy outlined in Fairwood’s Dog Policy.

All first-time registrants must have been notified of the acceptance of their registration prior to arrival at Fairwood.

We reserve the right to deny attendance to any individual for any reason and to ask any individual to leave the premises at any time for any reason. We will exercise diligence to deny access to the premises by dangerous individuals, and you attend at your own risk.