July 1 - 03:00 pm


July 6 - 12:00 pm

Event Category:

Family and Youth Conventions


Fairwood Bible Institute Campus

18 Fairwood Drive

Dublin, NH, United States, 03444


Our Family Convention is a Christian convention designed for the whole family to enjoy. Come and experience everything from capture-the-flag and climbing Mount Monadnock to sing-alongs and a Bible Night!

Singles and families of all sizes, from one to a dozen, are welcome.

People of all ages are included, with ministry focused on strengthening the family. Please note that graduates and anyone under 18 must have in attendance a parent, grandparent, or other adult who will be fully responsible for them. This responsibility includes supervision during family devotions and at night. The young person will sleep in the family quarters unless circumstances require another arrangement that is approved by staff.

What to expect:

Ministry will include family devotions, family building activities, youth and children’s meetings, ministry directed to the whole family, and plenty of informal fellowship.

Afternoon Activities are open to all convention attendees, with parents encouraged to participate in activities with their younger children!

This year we will also have our annual Bible Night. During this event we will invite any interested children and/or adults to recite Scripture from memory, perform dramatic readings of Scripture, or even act out a Bible story, either individually or as a family. (If public performance is not your thing, you are welcome to simply come and support the participants.) If time permits, we may also have a quiz bowl competition involving Bible trivia. The goal of the evening is to celebrate and exalt the Word of God.

Sports are also open to everyone, and will include both times of fun and games for the whole family, as well as times when participants are divided by age. Sports times may include:

Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field Events, Capture-The-Flag, and more!

For more info, or to register click here.