This Is Our Father’s World

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Friday Messages

Happy New Year and Happy Sabbath Greetings to all.

In the hymn “This Is My Father’s World,” the main sentiment is, “I rest me in the thought” of God’s beautiful creation, purposes, and provisions. Whether we have real rest or not often depends on where our thoughts are. I find many of the Psalms helpful in that they often express in the direst of terms the troubles and difficulties the author is experiencing, yet they end with a triumphant declaration of his trust in God. Proverbs 16:24 mentions that pleasant words are “sweet to the soul and health to the bones.” That may refer to the ministrations of others in building us up, but isn’t it also true that there are many, many “words” from the Bible that bring sweetness to our outlook and contemplations!

During this past Christmas season, I have experienced much sweetness of spirit as I’ve thought about His Coming and all that it means to me and to the world. But now it’s January, and national and world news is ominous, chaotic, and indicative of possibly frightful things to come. This can, if we let it, leave us in that warned-against state of being worried and fretful about the future.

In that regard I have taken a fresh look at the hymn “The God of Olden Time.” The miraculous and divine interventions at the times of Moses, David, Daniel, Pentecost, and Paul are mentioned, followed by the resounding declaration that the God of olden time is “just the same today.”

So, if Jesus could sleep during the storm-tossed voyage across the lake, I think it is right that we quiet our own souls and spirits and rest in the security of knowing that He is just the same as He has always been and still takes pleasure in those who love Him and serve Him.

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