How Is Your Hearing?

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Friday Messages

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I now wear hearing aids. They make a huge difference, especially on the phone, so I don’t have ask to have things repeated and can focus on the entire conversation. This is important and a blessing, but not nearly as vital as having accurate spiritual hearing. Are you able to clearly hear the voice of God talking to you?

There are many voices trying to get our attention today. In order to hear God speaking to us we must focus on Him and shut out the many voices of the world that are clamoring for our attention. Daily Bible reading puts us in position to hear from the Lord. Thoughtful prayer while focusing on Him will help us to hear and understand what He is saying to us.

Sometimes we need to quiet our spirits and our minds and just listen, in order to hear Him and know He is far greater than any difficulty we are having. Singing worship songs to our Creator helps us to forget ourselves and see Him as he is.

Psalms 111:2 shows another way to listen to Him. “The works of The LORD are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.” As we learn more about His creation which can include astronomy, birds, and even river tides—or any of God’s works, we are helped to see how great He is and that everything in His creation except mankind is in harmony with Him.

Some of what is called music today brings a spirit of confusion and chaos that will make it very difficult if not impossible to hear God. We need to be careful not to allow anything into our homes or cars that will drive out the peace and tranquility that should be there.

And finally, as we slow down our busy lives by keeping the Sabbath, we can become connected with God’s wireless microphone so we are able to hear Him clearly. Have a blessed Sabbath!

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