Do Small Things With Great Love

by | May 17, 2023 | Friday Messages

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Hello, friends—

Today (Wednesday) I am sitting in Jerusalem. We just returned from the Garden Tomb. Currently there are seven of us in this tour: Bob and Sue Adams, Dave Holscher, Frank and Laura Maguire, my wife Donna, and myself. After two weeks here, praying for the fulfillment of Scripture and travelling around the land, the Maguires and Hansens finish our pilgrimage this evening with a one o’clock a.m. trip to Ben Gurion airport near Jaffa/Tel Aviv tomorrow morning.

I trust that more reports will be forthcoming from those of us here now and from the Bible School, coming over here next week.

Last Saturday evening, at the end of the Sabbath, a new friend spoke with us here at our apartment. Doctor Kent shared his wisdom on political, medical, and spiritual issues. The following nugget from the good doctor has been edifying to me through the four days since then. He said, “Earlier in my thirty years living and practicing medicine, as I was treating patients here in Jerusalem, I felt I was not doing enough great things for God. Then God told me, ‘You do not have to do great things. Just do small things with great love.’”

The Doctor then related how he extended extra effort to show love to his patients. He spent more time with them. He listened to all they needed to say. One result was a lady telling him, “You are the first doctor who has actually listened to me.” He made a point of passing this bit of uplift on to Donna for help in her nursing career. She, and so many other healthcare workers, and all of us, actually, need to be encouraged in the battle.

So, dear friends, I trust that you, too, will find more courage. Don’t measure your “accomplishments” against those of others. Do what God gives you to do. Do it faithfully. And do small things with great love.

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