Josiah Weekley: Come! God Desires Your Presence

Jan 8, 2023 | Sermons

snow mountain under stars

Josiah recently preached a sermon on Isaiah 55, noting how many times God tells us to come, calling us to repent from sin and find mercy and grace, and fulfillment of our deepest longings in Him.

“So friend, do you feel empty? If so, this invitation is for you. God’s invitation is extended to everyone who thirsts. This invitation isn’t for those who think that they’re perfect, or those who have everything. God invites those who are needy and see their need. Do you feel small, weary, dirty, overwhelmed, lost, thirsty? Then God’s invitation is for you. He longs to fill your emptiness, to protect you, strengthen you, cleanse you, to free you, and to satisfy.”