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by | Nov 11, 2022 | Friday Messages

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As we approach another Sabbath, it is comforting to remember that it comes at the end of every week, no matter what has happened on the previous six days. We’ve all had some weeks that were wonderful, and some weeks that were miserable. Most weeks are somewhere in between those extremes. But the Sabbath comes at the end of every single one. We serve a very kind God.

For those of you politically-minded, this has likely been a disappointing week. As of this writing, the control of Congress is still undecided. The wildly-anticipated “red wave” turned into a “red ripple” with the final verdict still very much up for grabs.

Others of you may have had your hopes raised this week in other ways—a person who you thought would come through for you, a much-anticipated book or movie, a special event you were going to attend. Sometimes the anticipated event satisfies us, but more often it doesn’t quite deliver the goods. Whether political or otherwise, these disappointments show us that we are prone to fix our hopes on the channels of God’s grace and blessings, and lose focus on the Source of them—namely God Himself.

The writer of Psalms 121 put it this way, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where shall my help come? My help comes from Jehovah, the maker of heaven and earth.” He was likely writing about the hills around the city of Jerusalem which he was approaching for a Feast, yet he was able to look beyond the city and the upcoming Feast to the God who had provided both.

The real source of all our Hope is not a political victory, or a friend who comes through for us, or a special event. It is found in God Alone. Every other hope will let us down. And God in His mercy keeps letting it happen over and over again so that we don’t get addicted to our Channels, but fix our hearts on the Source.

The Sabbath is one such Channel. In my own life, God has poured peace, refreshment, wonderful times with the family, spiritual perspective, and times of intense spiritual reality through this wonderful Sabbath channel. It is right that we celebrate this day each Friday during these e-mails. But it is also helpful to remember that the Source of all these things is God Himself.

If this particular Sabbath feels unrestful to you, God is our Peace. If this Sabbath is clouded with uncertainty about the election, God is our Confidence. If this Sabbath is full of pain, God is our Comforter. The day will not save us, but the Dayspring will (Luke 1:78). In fact, He already has. Our adoption is final. Our destiny is secure in Christ, and the final verdict has already been carved in stone: Jesus wins.

So as we look around at our frightened and divided country, we can rest on this Sabbath day because we belong to “the Lord of the Sabbath,” and He is doing all things well. This election verdict was ordained from the beginning, and so is the next one, and the next one after that. He’s not worried about “red waves” or “blue waves” because He is the one who stills all the waves. And someday there won’t be any more elections, but instead we will have a King. When that day comes, all the political games, all the lies, all the pain, and all the filth of our world will be washed away, never to return.

The Sabbath is celebrating that day when the King takes his throne, and that gives us a deep and abiding joy. As a practical note, I would encourage each of you to take a little extra time this Sabbath to worship our Great King. Let us join the Psalmist in lifting up our eyes—beyond the hills of this earth, and upward to the heavenly throne room. He is good. He is in control. And He is worthy.

The King is Coming Soon,


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