One With God

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Dear Sabbath Keepers,

I have been reading a book by Larry Crab entitled The Marriage Builder. He emphasizes the point that everyone is looking for oneness or intimacy in their marriage. It doesn’t come automatically, but has to be built through intentional choices. He gives several illustrations of couples who came to him for counseling and this desire for oneness was at the core of their needs.

As I pondered this point, I was reminded of a Sabbath song which includes the words, “since God and I are one.” We have a deep desire in our hearts for oneness with God.  Sin separated the human race from the oneness which was characterized by Adam and Eve walking with God in the garden of Eden.  Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus opened the door to restore oneness with God, which the Bible also calls “peace with God.” The gospel has worked so that we are no longer separated from God because of sin, but are brought back to full fellowship with Him! Alleluia!

Just as in marriage, relationships are built and deepened, so our relationship with God can be deepened or elevated to closer oneness. I think that the Sabbath is a great way to strengthen our oneness with God. The Sabbath is not only a reminder that “God and I are one,” but also a weekly opportunity to experience walking with God. As we let other things go, on this Sabbath we can simply rest and relax in how good and wonderful God is. We don’t have to “make” the Sabbath, but simply receive it as a gift from God and relish the truth that because of Jesus, “God and I are one.”

When we honor His day, we become more in tune with our Creator God who created the vast universe, but also blessed and hallowed the seventh day. Like a musical instrument which needs to be tuned before playing, I find that Sabbath meeting at the beginning of the Sabbath helps me tune up to God, and cease from the activity of the week. Tuning up is bringing notes to agree, or be “at one,” or in unity with each other. Our hearts beat with His heart, and we are in tune with Him.

God bless you in finding heart unity with God this Sabbath day,

Neil R. Sandford

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