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Softly fades the twilight ray of the holy Sabbath day;
Gently as life’s setting sun, when the Christian’s course is done.

Night her solemn mantle spreads o’er the earth, as daylight fades;
All things tell of calm repose, at the holy Sabbath’s close.

Stars above their watches keep; while the cares of mortals sleep;
Brightly lit, as if to tell, man by resting doeth well.

Peace is on the world abroad—’tis the holy peace of God;
Symbol of the rest within, when the spirit rests from sin.

Still the Savior lingers near, where the evening worshiper
seeks communion with the skies, pressing onward to the prize.

Jesus, may our Sabbaths be days of blest commune with thee;
Till in heaven our souls repose, where the Sabbaths ne’er shall close.
—Anonymous, 1833

Dear fellow worshipers,

This old poem, perhaps a song at one time, points us to the true source of peace, for which everyone is waiting. This last Sunday morning we read of a future claim of “peace and safety” which will temporarily deceive many. But, there is no peace and no safety without obedience to God’s plan. What you see and hear on the news, on the street corner, at your place of employment—this is not the whole story. Nation is rising against nation. Covid is raging again. People near you are dying or are terrified that they will die.

But there is still Peace in believing: walk abroad this day prudently, but without fear. Let your neighbors see that you have real peace while all around you are in turmoil. And then, when the Sabbath ends, hold tightly to the peace. You can preach the gospel without words.

This evening, as the Sabbath begins, we are gathering at God’s house at Fairwood to begin the observance of a seventh-year Feast of Ingathering. Come and join us! Download the schedule by tapping on the “download” button to the right.

Shabbat Shalom, Lewis

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