Holy Day

by | May 21, 2021 | Friday Messages

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There is a saying that exhorts us to “Major on the majors” (instead of majoring on the minors). Of course, even if we intend to major on the majors, we still have to figure out what the majors are, and we all constantly need the Lord’s help to do this. His Word gives us clear guidance on all of life’s basic issues, as well as tools to determine what to do with the situations it does not directly address.

One “major” that is very clear is the fact that we are commanded to rest. Commanded, I’m sure, because God knows that we just don’t always see resting for a whole day as a major. We find we can get away without doing that, and life always has plenty to keep us busy. It’s just so easy to relegate a whole day of rest to a lower level of priority.

But notice what the command about the Sabbath actually says: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” One meaning of “holy” is “dedicated to God.” The day is for us, but it’s to be dedicated to God, just like the rest of our lives. The Sabbath is called “My holy day,” the “dedicated to God” day. Both God and we have a stake in it.

So why argue with God? Why ignore or relegate to a lower priority the day that God made for us — for our physical and spiritual good — and the day that He set apart for us to have special fellowship with Him? Instead, delight in it and in Him, and hold Him to His promise that if we keep it holy, He would make us ride on the “high places of the earth.”

I know I may be preaching to the choir for the most part, but pray with me that all of God’s children will see the wisdom and blessing and necessity of majoring on this major.

A joyous Sabbath to us all.

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