Peace in the Storm

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Friday Messages

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The Sabbath was taken away from the ten tribes of Israel but not from the Jews. In Hosea 2:1 we are told, “I will also cause all her mirth to cease… and her Sabbaths.” The good news is that the Sabbath has been restored. The Sabbath is a time to focus on the joys of the coming Millennium and also a good time to worship God for answers to prayer as we consider what He has already done for us.

As we keep the Sabbath we find a lift in our spirits. In these troubled times we need to have buoyancy. We must not allow anything to get us down; we must not let any event discourage us. With God’s help we can be full of courage and have a life that will help lift others.

We need to be very careful and cautious lest we become all-consumed with the problems of the corona virus and other matters that affect our nation and world. This can lead to despair and discouragement. Instead, we need to be buoyant like a small rubber ball that can float for years on the ocean. It will stay on top of the waves during the wildest ocean storms.

You may say, “Fine, but how can I keep above all the problems that are trying to sink me?” Many Christians become obsessed with the problems of life. When concerns and worries fill our minds and hearts, it is very difficult to see God and to remember all that He has done for us and our country. When we lose our vision, the truth about God can seem out of focus to us. At this point it is easy to feel confused and depressed.

One thing that has helped me in this area is to spend less time watching the news. Here is a list of some other actions we could take to keep our focus so we can clearly see the most important things.

· Have daily Bible reading

· Pray and believe

· Remember what God has already done for us and consider the answers to prayer we have seen

· Talk faith

· Read inspiring Christian books

· Attend church

· Keep the Sabbath

There is an old song that expresses this well: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.” When we do this, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim.” (See # 204 in Great Hymns of the Faith.) As we keep the Sabbath, it’s easier to focus on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a peaceful Sabbath.

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