Honey Out of the Rock

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Friday Messages

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Recently, I was reading Psalm 81 and noticed the closing verse which promises, “with honey out of the rock would I satisfy thee.”

This particular Psalm begins with a call to worship, probably intended originally to be sung in connection with the Feast of Tabernacles.  About halfway through the Psalm however, a lamentation begins.  The Psalm recounts how Jehovah brought his people out of bondage in Egypt, after which Israel turned away from Him, and God “let them go after the stubbornness of their heart.” 

The Psalm closes with a call to repentance, “Oh, that my people would hearken unto me.” And the final verse, quoted earlier, concludes with the promise about “honey out of the rock.”

Note that this is a conditional promise.  God would satisfy the rebellious who repent and hearken to Him.  But He doesn’t just want to take care of His people, He wants to provide “honey out of the rock,” which indicates to me something very special.

Moses used this phrase in his Great Song, found in Deuteronomy, which he delivered to the children of Israel just before they entered the Promised Land.  Moses described, probably figuratively, but maybe literally, how God cared for Jacob’s children by providing honey from the rock, before they later turned away toward false idols in the desert.

This indicates to me how God’s desire is to care for His people, and to do so extravagantly, by meeting all their needs, even in unlikely places.  I’ve never seen honey come out of a rock before, but I believe that God is able to provide for my needs, even in ways that I can’t imagine or that fit with my human experience.

If you’ve repented of your sins and trusted in Jesus, this promise is for you.  God will take care of you, and the way He chooses to do so may come in the form of “honey from the rock.”  That is to say, the answer to your needs may come from a place you don’t expect it.

If you’re entering into this Sabbath after spending what feels to you like a week (or more) of wandering in the desert, take heart.  Not only is God offering you tonight a time of rest and refreshing, but He wants to satisfy you with honey from the rock.  And if you’ve spent the past week flying high with joy like you’ve never experienced, this promise is for you as well. For there may soon come a time when you find yourself in a place you didn’t expect to be, perhaps feeling needy or vulnerable.  That is when God will provide the honey.

If you’ve been wandering away from God, and doubt whether He will forgive you and care for you once more, the answer is Yes He Will!  Return to Him in faith and repentance – as the psalmist says, “hearken” unto Him.  His promise is precisely to those who have wandered from His ways, and who turn again to Him.  Hearken today, and rest in his blessings and favor.  There is “honey out of the rock” waiting to satisfy you.

May you all enjoy a blessed and restful Sabbath!

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