Refreshing Sabbath

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Friday Messages

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Dear Friends,

Those of us who are married know how important it is to refresh our love for our spouse.  We may do it by taking time together on a date night, a weekend getaway, or occasionally exchanging meaningful gifts.  We also do it by frequently expressing our love in words.  Without regular refreshment, love can wear thin in the busyness of life.

Recently I have been thinking about how the Sabbath is a time of refreshing our love for the Lord.  We have a day without the same busyness, and we can take the time to tell Him how much we love Him.  Or on Friday night we can remember how He has blessed or helped us during the week and thank Him!  

He called it “My holy day,” so it belongs to Him, just like a date night belongs to the married or engaged couple.  I think He wants it to be very special for both Him and us, so He doesn’t want the things of life to interfere.  Just as a married couple has to place boundaries around their special times together, the Lord wants us to keep boundaries around the Sabbath, so we don’t miss out on this time to refresh our love.

Jesus was saddened by the church in Revelation because they left their first love.  I have found that Sabbath keeping is a great way to keep me from leaving my first love.  It is a great opportunity to refresh that love!

May you be refreshed this Sabbath day.

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