Our Ark of Safety

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Friday Messages

Photo of Lightning Strike

“There is never a flood for the wicked without an ark for the righteous.”

These words were spoken by Charles Spurgeon many years ago, and I have thought of them for many weeks now as our country has been through one upheaval after another. The words became even more poignant when my wife and I recently drove to Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter. This replica of Noah’s ark was the most amazing construction I have ever seen in my 75 years. While there, we heard a live lecture by the CEO Ken Ham.

Mr. Ham believes that it took 75 years to build the original ark. I wonder if Noah and his sons had hired help, it was so large and complex. And did they have to import large trees as Solomon did when he built the Temple? Then the massive preparation needed to store food, build cages, plan for waste removal, veterinary care, construction materials, etc.! What an object lesson on being prepared!

But the greater object lesson is in the role of salvation that the ark provided. Jesus has been likened to our personal ark of salvation by some people. Peter referred to the ark as a “true likeness” which “doth now save you, even baptism.” (1 Peter 3:21)  My application for today is this: we are seeing a flood of evil and violence and hatred rising like dirty water all around us, but God is bringing His judgements, “the beginning of travail,” upon the earth. He will save us as he saved Noah and his family. On this Sabbath day let’s put aside our natural fears and anxieties and find peace by believing God. Spurgeon saw it correctly when he said that God provides an ark for the righteous!

Happy Sabbath as you rest in that ark of safety.

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