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by | Jun 19, 2020 | Friday Messages

Bridge And Groom Standing While Holding Flower Bouquet

Happy Sabbath, my dear friends.

While most of you read this, I will be at the wedding rehearsal for my daughter Ruth and her husband-to-be, Daniel Adams. I wish you were all here with us! Alas, with the pandemic, we were limited to just 50 invites. As each family has 8 children, we were at 50 before we knew it. Then, two weeks ago, the governor increased it to 100. I felt like the father in the scriptures, who sent everyone scurrying the highways and byways to fill the added seats, but it’s still too few. Every father, I dare say, wishes he could invite the whole world to celebrate in the wedding feast for the marriage of one of his children.

It isn’t an accident that most Jewish weddings I’ve witnessed are on the Sabbath and last for days. The two feasts brought together is the epitome of joy and celebration. So even though many could not be invited, you are all with me in spirit, and I with you, and we with the Lord. Weddings and Sabbaths go together.

It has been a particularly painful week this week, but there’s a wedding coming! There’s a Sabbath coming! This poor world is going through the birth pangs of the Last Days, but there’s celebration, fellowship and peace just around the corner. Soon there will be the Real Wedding that all these little weddings have been pointing to. Soon there will be an eternal Sabbath that all these weekly Sabbaths have been pointing to. There will be plenty of room and invitations for everyone who believes. True fellowship, true peace, true love, and … Jesus will be there. JESUS WILL BE THERE!

May you have a blessed Sabbath, and I’ll save some strawberry shortcake for you, with a good helping of maple syrup. Love to you all!

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