The Hiding Place

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Friday Messages

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I have been working part time in a Shaw’s grocery store for about a year now, and it is interesting to watch people and see how they act and interact with each other and with life.

I spend a good bit of time with one of my fellow employees whom I will call Jane.  She is a hard worker, cheerful, and easy to work with.  She has devoted her life to raising her two boys without the help of her husband. She is certainly not anti-God in any way that I can see, but neither do I see her giving Him any particular attention.

With this virus affecting all our lives, she has confided to me that she has been on the near edge of having a panic attack several times while at work. Thankfully we work a little out of the beaten path, so I can listen and hear her out.  I have also suggested she read Psalms 91, but do not believe she has done so yet.

Seeing this and knowing how many others may feel the same, I was reminded of the verse in Isaiah 8:12, “Fear not their fear nor be in dread thereof.”  I do not want in any way to diminish the seriousness of the times, but neither do I want to “fear their fear” and have it be a controlling factor.  I certainly feel stress, though perhaps not just like Jane’s. 

I believe one big difference is that I see this life on earth as just a tiny corner of my world and future.  I see a far bigger picture, with a loving God in control and truly managing affairs on earth and in heaven, and I trust Him.  To some degree at least, I know Him personally, and I expect to spend eternity with Him.  That changes everything.  It goes on in the next verse to say, “Let Him be your fear.” This is the perfect antidote to the earthly fears that the world is experiencing.

Another passage that I believe is appropriate at this time is Proverbs 22:3, “The prudent sees danger and hides himself.” We are not toughing this out on our own strength; none of us is up to that.  There are all kinds of ways to hide ourselves. One is by staying at home of course, but we can also hide in Him mentally, emotionally, and certainly spiritually.  Let’s be really good at hiding this Sabbath, tucked away under His wings. (Psalm 91:4)

Perhaps the song “He Hideth My Soul” would be a good song to sing, or at least read on this Sabbath.  “He hideth my life in the depths of His love.” So let’s enjoy hiding in His love, but also have faith that other lost sheep, such as my friend at work, will find this hiding place too.

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