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Body of Water during Golden Hour

We are pilgrims traveling on the road to heaven. We are moving along the King’s highway toward that “City which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” We often walk by faith and not by sight.

God gives us seasons of refreshment, but then we have to leave the shelter and get back out on the road of life.

Last week when the pressures of life were getting to me, I knew that it was time to be thankful and to
make a new list of the things to be thankful for. As usual this was a great help.

Other ways that bring refreshment to me are:

Daily Bible reading and prayer
Having a good heart-to-heart conversation with someone
Reading a thought-provoking book
A good night’s sleep
A phone call from one of our children
Seeing the ocean during my morning walk when home in Harpswell, Maine

Going out in my kayak is also very refreshing for me. Just being on the ocean is great, but the biggest thrill for me is the feeling of freedom when the kayak is fully supported by the water and is free to respond to any movement of my paddle.

God has given us a weekly time of refreshment called the Sabbath. There is something special in the atmosphere on that day. It’s much more than a time of physical rest. This includes peace, but also a sense that “God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world.”
Miss Blanche Craig describes the atmosphere of the Sabbath in one of her songs,

Oh wonderful breath of the Sabbath
That brings heaven’s own atmosphere–
Sweet touch of eternity’s pleasure,
To have our dear Father so near.

I pray that you will enjoy this Sabbath and find the peace and fragrance of this special day.

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