Medical Emergency and Liability Waiver

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Forms

This document is required by all persons in attendance (and must be signed by parent or guardian if child is under 18.) This medical Emergency and Liability Waiver covers all Kingdom Christian Ministries Conventions from November 2019 to November 2020 that your child attends. In the event I cannot be reached in an EMERGENCY, I hereby give permission to the physician or hospital selected by the Convention Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for and to order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for my child named on this document. My child may participate in activities off the Convention grounds, such as hiking, swimming and boating nearby.

I am aware of and understand the risks and hazards of young people’s activities in which my child may take part while a camper, including but not limited to recreational and sporting activities, and transportation to such activities. I hereby acknowledge and voluntarily assume all risk of loss, damage or injury, whether to person or property, that may be sustained by my child while a participant in the Convention, whether on or off Kingdom Christian Ministries premises, and hereby release Kingdom Christian Ministries, its agents, volunteers and employees from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, and actions arising out of or related to the participation of my child in the Convention. This Release shall be binding upon the heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns of myself and my child.

Your signature signifies that you have read this document, understand and agree to the foregoing, and wish your child to attend conventions this year.

Signature of Parent(s) ________________________________ Date ____________

Contact Phone Number _(______)________________________

Child’s Name _______________________________________

(others, as needed)

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