He is Proven

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Friday Messages

Sunset over Snow Covered Mountains

I was reading Psalm 18 not long ago as translated from the Aramaic into English. In this rendering, different phrases seemed to pop out that blessed me. I hope it does the same for you:

I shall love you, Lord Jehovah,
My power
My trust
My refuge
My Mighty Deliverer
My helper
My salvation
My glorious refuge.
In my suffering, I cried to Lord Jehovah, and I cried to my God, and He heard my voice from His temple, and my shout came before Him and entered His ears.
He was furious with them
He bent Heaven and came down
He rode upon Cherubim and flew
He flew upon the wings of the wind
He sent His arrows and scattered them
He troubled them.
He sent from on high
He pulled me out
He took me out from many waters
He delivered me
He went before me in the day of my adversity and has been to me Lord Jehovah, the Savior. And He brought me out to an expanse and delivered me, BECAUSE…
He was pleased with me
He rewarded me according to my righteousness
He repaid me according to the purity of my hands.
I have kept the ways of Lord Jehovah
I have not rebelled from my God
I have not put away His laws from me
I have been without blemish with Him
I have been on guard against my sins.
You will save the poor people
You will light my lamp… and enlighten my darkness.
God, whose way is perfect; the Word of Lord Jehovah is proven; and He is a helper to all who trust Him.

My friends, He is proven and will take care of the intractable problems that won’t go away. He will take care of deep sorrow, because He is proven. He will take care of the enemy of our soul, because He already has. Let Him help you this Sabbath.

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