New Year Change

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Friday Messages

Two Man Hiking on Snow Mountain

With the start of another year come the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. People are in a frame of mind to think over the past year and assess what should change for the next year, or at least admit what they would like to change. So they resolve to do something different, at least for a while.

I saw one headline recently which said that most New Year’s resolutions last only until January 12th. That is not a very long lasting commitment. But that is the human condition. We are weak and fickle creatures. We find we can’t sustain permanent changes, even when we recognize that those changes are good for us or even necessary. But as Christians we are not left in that pitiable condition. We have “a higher power” to help us. By ourselves we are not up to the challenge. But with God and His Spirit to enable us, we have what we need to effect the necessary changes. There is hope for the future. We can be different. With God, all things are possible.

Here are a few verses from the great hymn Let’s Take Up Our Baggage and Go which touch on this topic:

The way is all new, as it opens to view,

And behind is the foaming Red Sea:

So none now need to speak of the onions and leeks,

Or to talk about garlics to me.

On Jordan’s near side I can never abide,

For no place here of refuge I see,

Till I come to the spot, and inherit the lot

Which the Lord God will give unto me.

What though some in the rear preach up terror and fear,

And complain of the trials they meet?

Though the giants before with great fury do roar,

I’m resolved I will never retreat.

We are little, ‘tis true, and our numbers are few,

And the sons of old Anak are tall:

But while I see a track I will never go back,

But go on at the risk of my all.

Now the bright morning dawns for the camps to move on,

And the priests with their trumpets do blow:

As they each give the sound, and the trumpets resound,

All my soul is exulting to go.

If I’m faithful and true, and my journey pursue,

Till I stand on the heavenly shore,

I shall joyfully see what a blessing to me

Was the mortifying cross I bore.

All my honors and wealth, all my pleasures and health,

I am willing should now be at stake:

If my Christ I obtain, I shall think it great gain,

For the sacrifice which I shall make.

When I all have forsook, like a bubble ‘twill look,

From the midst of a glorified throng,

Where all losses are gain, and where sorrow and pain

Are exchanged for the conqueror’s song.

So I hope you find new courage in this new year as you contemplate making changes in your life. God is well able to give us the ability to change what He sees we need to. God bless each of you as you go on with Him into this new year.

Happy Sabbath to each of you.

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