Trust in All Circumstances

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Friday Messages

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Lately, my wife and I have been re-reading the classic devotional by Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.  Chambers was a Scottish evangelist who lived 100 years ago.  The devotional was published by his wife, who compiled snippets from her husband’s writings following his untimely death while serving as a YMCA chaplain in Egypt during World War I.

Re-reading his devotional book got me interested in learning more about the biography of Oswald Chambers, so I did a little research.  I discovered that Chambers lived what he preached.  His life was characterized by self-sacrifice and a commitment to serving others and to “give to everyone who asks.”

The overarching theme that comes across in his writing, and through his life story, is the importance of trusting in God in all things, and being Christ’s ambassador to those we meet in our daily lives.  It seems like a simple message, but how hard it can be sometimes to simply “believe.”

Certainly, Chambers would have had his challenges, dealing with soldiers in very rough circumstances on the Egyptian mission field, but when his life ended at age 43, he was going about his Father’s business, and trusting in Him, even for help and healing when he lay dying of complications from appendicitis.

I don’t know about you, but I take inspiration from seeing how God has worked in the past to help others face difficult circumstances with good cheer and abiding belief in God’s provision.  Chambers is certainly an example of someone who led that kind of life; but, his perseverance in faith and service is only a reflection of the great Example provided by our Lord, who gave His all for us on the Cross.  What Jesus accomplished in His life, death, and resurrection, has empowered His followers down through the centuries to follow His example.

Whatever circumstances you may be facing at this time in your life, may the same Savior who inspired Chambers in his victorious life, meet you afresh today, and bless your Sabbath rest.

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