Growth from Resting

by | May 11, 2018 | Friday Messages

I do not run often and I do not run far but I enjoy it when I do. I also find it interesting to follow some current long-distance runners and listen to podcasts about them and their training. When a person is going to be running at a professional level all the things an average person does – eat, rest, and exercise – are taken to a different level. It is interesting how important rest and sleep are.

A world class runner is a highly motivated person and it is possible for them to over-train but they know they will not improve unless they get adequate rest. It is a fact that they cannot change and a good runner will not fight that but use rest to improve along with running and nutrition. It is just the way God designed it.

Without proper rest they might survive but will not improve, and that is what the world is doing – surviving. Really not even surviving but on a downward path. Let’s not fight the way God set things up when He told us to keep the Sabbath. As we get the rest He intended we will not only be surviving but we will be growing. Growing in our relationship with God and with others. Figuratively speaking I am trusting that this Sabbath you all find rest and healing from the stress fractures, torn muscles, and stressed tendons of life. God’s rest can reach deep into our deepest need.

Praying you all have a blessed Sabbath.

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