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Dear Friends,

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Feast of Passover at Fairwood. I am grateful for a rich time of concentrating on God and His Word. Among the blessings was also being able to spend time reconnecting with some people that I hadn’t seem in some time. There were some long conversations with old friends, and on a couple of occasions I found myself at a convenient restaurant where, in addition to the chance to catch up, there was delicious food.

Restaurants are an interesting example of basic economics in that they are willing to serve up the most delicious food they can provide, if you are willing to give them something they want more: money. This fact did not elude me as I sat down to dine with my friends, but in both cases economics was on my side: my friend wanted to spend time with me more than the price of two plates full of food.

On another occasion I was made an honorary member of a family and invited to a birthday party. On this occasion there was no immediate exchange of filthy lucre, but the principle was the same: there were individuals who wanted to spend time with me so much that they made it possible to do so.

As we enter into this Sabbath day, let us remember that God paid the price so that we could enter into His presence. Let us do so in the full assurance that He paid the full cost of that companionship, and let us not squander the opportunity to spend some time with the One who knows us the best and yet wants us the most.

Shabbat Shalom!

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