Meaning to Life

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Friday Messages

Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics. What is our purpose in life? What is the point of existence anyway? Recently I heard a sermon about the Kingdom which reminded me about my purpose for living. It’s all about the King and His Kingdom.

These thoughts were in my mind as I was watching a Focus on the Family seminar called “The Truth Project.” One verse they emphasize in that seminar is Colossians 2:8 which states, “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.” One philosophy I learned about is the humanistic view of anthropology which states that man’s ultimate goal is self-actualization – simply following your inner desires. This philosophy says that there is no God and there is no meaning to life. Man just lives for himself and then he is gone (there is nothing after death). What kind of pointless existence is that? No wonder there is such a high suicide rate these days. But the truth has a way of clearing away the lies when we can see them side by side.

The truth is that there is a Creator (the King of the Kingdom), and we have a responsibility, and privilege, to follow and serve Him and bring Him glory. And that is what brings true fulfillment and meaning to life. That is man’s ultimate goal and the only thing that will truly satisfy. We’re not  just living for ourselves.

The fourth verse of the song “I’m Going to Live for Jesus” says, “Thus, mounting up on eagle wings above all worldly pleasure, The Holy Ghost anoints my eyes to see eternal treasure.” That is what we need. We need vision from the Holy Spirit to see what is true and what is eternal. His Kingdom is eternal. Jesus is eternal. Living for Him and serving Him is living with a focus on eternal treasure.  

And keeping the Sabbath is also a way to focus on what is eternal.  Having a day to rest from our work gives us the chance to remind ourselves that we belong to the King and are part of His Kingdom. We are not just the King’s servants, we are the King’s friends. Let’s enjoy this day of rest with our Friend, the King, and rest and rejoice in the fact that His Kingdom is eternal, and we are a part of something that is going to last forever.

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