“Yet God”

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Friday Messages

fall leaves photoHello Friends,

Welcome to Thanksgiving season! I have the honor and privilege of having the first Friday email of November. When thinking about what to write, I was reminded of gratefulness and how crucial it is to our everyday lives. For some strange reason, God has incorporated a mechanism into my world which shifts my perspective of the darkest circumstances if I’m able to latch onto something for which I can be grateful. The verse which comes to mind (paraphrased) encourages us, when we remind God and make requests of Him, to first be thankful (grateful) [Philippians 4:6].

The encouragement to express gratitude is all well and good when my circumstances in life are going well, but what about when they aren’t? I find myself unexpectedly in the former category. However, candidly, this year has been a difficult one for me for various reasons. Yet God has brought me through that season into a “broader space” (concept taken from Psalms). The reminder I find helpful is to remember and consider the season of life in which I’m currently situated. Maybe this is a rough season for you. Maybe it’s a great season. Whichever it is, my hope and encouragement for you is to remember the “yet God” reassurance that you’re not alone and God has not abandoned you. He will bring you through.

May you enjoy this Sabbath and the Thanksgiving season with the reminder of the importance of gratefulness in every circumstance. Finally, be encouraged by the truth of “yet God” who does bring about seasons in our lives and who will pull us through.


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