The history of The Kingdom Christian Ministries is a unique one. It begins in the late nineteenth century with Frank Sandford’s establishing the “Holy Ghost and Us” Bible school in Maine and quickly moves into dramatic conversions, miraculous provision, and prayer excursions on the high seas. It involves tales of great faith, daring adventure, deep sorrows, and joyful triumphs–and above all, the enduring lovingkindness of God. It is a story of flawed men and women who were faithful to their calling to pray, to serve, to go, to love.

Because our history has played such an important role in shaping who we are as an organization and as people today, we believe it is important that an open, honest account be told of KCM’s background. We are working on that account and will publish it in the coming months. Check back in soon! And in the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have questions.