The Faith We Keep


RECOGNIZING the fact that a personal devil exists does not set us free from his influence.  It simply makes us aware of his malicious attacks on our souls.  These are days when he is using all the cunning and trickery at his command, and the very air is oftentimes filled with the subtlety of his propaganda.

Though Satan is possessed of tremendous spiritual power, far more than any unaided man can cope with, we know that through Christ we have power to successfully resist him.  That is part of the triumphant advantage given to all believers, but very few of them seem to realize it.  The devil has dared to rebel against God, and has even tried to seduce Jesus Christ by his lying temptations, yet it is given to humble believers to overcome him by stedfast resistance and by faith in the blood Jesus shed.

We know that the whole world is in the clutches of "the deceiver," that professors of religion are dodging the issue by denying the existence of the devil, and that the age is fast moving on to the final showdown; yet we as believers hold fast to our faith in Scripture promises that make us "more than conquerors."  The facts of the case still hold:  that as we "resist" the devil he is compelled to "flee"; and we are empowered with God-given weapons that can "quench all the fiery darts of the evil one."  By keeping this faith we meet the devil and "overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony."