The Faith We Keep


"I pray...that they may all be one...even as We are one."

ONE OF THE INSPIRING HYMNS of the Christian faith that everyone likes to sing is "Onward Christian Soldiers."  But in one of its stanzas there is a passage the singing of which usually makes me marvel.  With denominationalism on every hand, and most religious interest devoted to "my church," how can an honest man sing: "We are not divided, all one body we"?

If Jesus had not established the standard of unity as He did-- "One as We are one," we might satisfy ourselves with a perverted definition of the meaning of unity.  And of course that is what many are trying to do by a show of working together on the part of members of all faiths, including those who are of no faith.  But that will never provide the answer to the prayer of Jesus Christ.

Since there is "one God" and "one Spirit" and "one Lord," it is unthinkable that there should be more than "one body."  Division in the body of Christ, that is, denominationalism, is the cancerous growth that makes a mockery of the meaning of true Christianity in its militant fight against the world the flesh and the devil.

By the grace of God we are sticking to and upholding the faith of Jesus Christ for unity in His Church.  We are working only for the extension of His kingdom.  Our fellowship is with all those who are truly servants of Christ and indwelt by His Spirit.  We have no humanly conceived organization by which we seek to promote "our brand" of religion.  We cannot and we will not compromise with the plain meaning of the Bible along these lines.  We worship the same God; we are redeemed by the same Christ; and the working of the same Spirit will bring us into unity--for heaven will not be partitioned.