The Faith We Keep


"By faith Abraham obeyed."

Our father Abraham set the proper example when he gave to God one tenth of the spoil after God had blessed him in battle with his enemies.  Jacob, his grandson, understood that the paying of the tenth was his duty if he expected the favor of the God whom he met at Bethel.  The nation of Israel was instructed from the beginning along similar practical lines in dealing with the increase of their substance.  The Bible makes it plain that a tenth of the increase belongs to Him.

We do not make a gift to God or to His work when we surrender this portion of our income.  The tenth is His anyway.  We have learned that there is no genuine reality with God that does not regularly include that which touches the money in our pockets.  The blessing of God is bestowed on those who obey.  Prosperity rather than poverty follows those who stand true to God by being financially honest with Him.  To withhold the tithe is to "rob God."  We keep the faith as we gladly give Him what belongs to Him.