The Faith We Keep

WE UNDERSTAND that there is a Faith which was "once for all delivered unto the saints," and that the keeping of it is the responsibility of every Christian.  We intend, God willing, to print in this space from time to time something of what this faith means to us.

The Holy Scriptures make it plain that there is one God, a Supreme and Sovereign Being, presiding over all things.  It is also clear that He is perfect in holiness, righteousness, justice and lovingkindness; and that He alone has all power and all knowledge.  By the Greatest Teacher we are told that He is The Father.

The Bible further declares that there existed with The Father "before the word was" One who is called the Son.  He appeared on earth as the man Jesus of Nazareth, and He shares in the exercise of the supreme sovereignty of the universe.

With the Father and The Son there is One called The Holy Spirit.  In the absence of The Son from the earth The Holy Spirit is personally in charge of the Christian Church, and He likewise shares in the exercise of Divine Authority throughout the universe.

Faith in the Supreme Being as thus revealed provides the light for every human soul seeking to understand the reason for his existence.  In spite of all opposition this faith must be kept.