The Faith We Keep


GOD'S unspeakable grace is demonstrated when He for Christ's sake forgives all transgression and sin.  But we cannot suppose that His grace provides for a man to continue in sin and thus be a candidate for more grace indefinitely.  To think thus is to completely misunderstand the full meaning of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

When Jesus said to the woman taken in adultery, "Neither do I condemn thee," He was demonstrating His right to forgive past sins.  But when He added, "Go and sin no more," He was telling all who heard that any soul who believed in Him could expect sin to lose its dominion over him completely.  He would not have called that woman to a sinless life for all the future unless he was offering her full power to live that way.

If we imagine that all Jesus came for was to "save to sin some more" we heap insults on His goodness and mark down His power most shamefully.  It takes simple faith and spiritual comprehension to realize the fullness of complete salvation; but by His grace we take from God through Christ a power whereby we are "saved to sin no more"!