The Faith We Keep


"Thou shalt love Jehovah thy God
with all thy heart
and with all they strength
and with all thy might."

True religion is not a superstitious exercise of the human mind.  It is made up of heart action -- a heart response to the love of the heavenly Father on the part of His children.

The Bible records the commandments of God, emphasizes the importance of obedience to those commandments, and points out the fearful results that follow their transgression.  But God does not give laws and enforce them simply to emphasize His position as Judge and Ruler over us.  His commandments spring, all of them, from a loving heart, and are given to us "for our good."

Because this is so we are told by Jesus Christ that the greatest commandment of all is to love our God with our entire beings.  Our service to Him must be from the heart, zealous, and without limit.

He is a good, faithful, loving, heavenly Father at the same time that He is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and the righteous Judge of all.  We keep the faith, not only by humble obedience, but by continual exercise of heart in abounding love for such a wonderful God.