The Faith We Keep


More than nineteen long centuries have elapsed since Jesus was taken up into heaven.  He had told his disciples that He was going away and that He would come again.  As they stood on the Mount of Olives after His ascension the "men" in "white" told them that they would see Him coming again as they had just beheld Him going.  The apostles carried on the expectancy of this event as they taught their converts to look for His return.  It has always been the heart of real Christianity to expect the visible return of the Lord.

But the passage of time tends to give ammunition to unbelievers.  And the false god is adept at using every means possible to cut the faith and dim the hope of those who stick to the truth.  There is not space here to mention all the devious doctrines that have been passed out to men with the object of killing if possible the hope of Jesus' return.

That hope has not been destroyed because there are still those who obey God and listen to the Holy Spirit.  He keeps the truth alive and makes us know that God means just what He says.  It is part of keeping the faith in these days of unbelief to maintain a clear knowledge that Jesus Christ will be seen on earth again.  We are looking for Him, expecting Him, and aim to be on hand with a welcome.