The Faith We Keep


In 1957 and 1958 a monthly feature in The Standard was entitled "In Faith We Keep."  These short articles outlined some of the Biblical truths that are part of the Christian faith and how the fellowship of The Kingdom is committed to keeping them.  These articles written by the editor, Frank S. Murray, give us a rallying point for our faith even today in the 21st Century.

The Faith We Keep


One Tenth Of Our Increase Belongs to God

Our Adversary

God's Word

God Loves Us

All Have Sinned

The Atonement

Salvation from the Power of Sin

Victory Over the Adversary

God is Good

Jesus Christ Will Return

Baptism by Immersion in Water

Definite Reception of the Holy Spirit

Eating the Lord's Supper


The Holy Spirit--Manager of Christ's Work in His Absence

No Other Gods

Love God

Applying God's Word to Our Day

True Christianity is a Spiritual Experience

We Must Have Unity Among Believers

God is Our Physician