The Faith We Keep


OUR BELIEF in the existence of the Supreme Being, our understanding that both matter and man were created by that Being, even all that we know of the devil, is drawn from implicit confidence in the reliability of God's Word.

Though the Bibles we read are translations from other languages and though millenniums have elapsed since their preparation began, we are convinced that the Scriptures as they have come down to us are exactly what they declare themselves to be -- the work of "holy men" who were "moved by the Holy Spirit."  We have found that any soul who will humbly rely on the Spirit who wrote the Bible will be led by that same Spirit into understanding the truth contained in it from Genesis to Revelation.

We keep the faith as we reject the "higher criticism," the carnal reasoning, and the unbelief which seek to destroy the authority of the Bible.  And as we hold fast our confidence in the inspiration of this Book, the truth it contains will nourish our faith along the lines that we need to make us truly godly.