The Faith We Keep


WITH so much trouble and distress and evil in the world, and so many proofs that a murderous devil is on the loose, people sometimes suggest that God has forsaken His creatures.  We know, however, that this is not the case.  We see that He is continually exercising a great and loving interest in our welfare.

God is love.  The Bible states it, and the coming of Jesus to die for us proves it.  His nature is love, and all of His actions spring from it.  It is also true that sin and rebellion bring disaster on those who indulge in them, and that the results often overflow onto those who in our eyes seem to be innocent.  In fact, the wars and other judgments that wicked men bring down on themselves affect the entire human race to a degree.

But the daily manifestations of God's faithfulness toward each of us are so abundant, if we will but notice them, that they far outnumber and outweigh our troubles.  The reliable progress of the seasons, the constant supply of food and water and air, as well as the door of Grace always open for those who wish to repent furnish all the proof an open mind can need that God our Creator is always moved by love.

Satan and his dupes have consistently tried to get the human race to doubt the love of God.  But we refuse such propaganda.  Granting that His justice and holiness do demand a reckoning with all sin, we nevertheless hold solidly to our faith in the unchanging love of our Father in Heaven.