The Faith We Keep


WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND the whys and wherefores of all the strange experiences that come to us on the earth.  Everyone's lifetime is filled with many things to suggest that some power is working against him.  Since God is supreme we know that whatever occurs is at least allowed by Him.  Hence the suggestion arises that He is not invariably good in His dealings with us.

It is the devil who suggests this.  God is good!  He has many angles to consider in His dealings with us, but GOOD will always result as we take everything with the right spirit.  There is no vindictiveness in God.  He seeks to take no advantage of us.  In all of His commands and in all of His acts He is "working everything together for good."

Since the devil would attribute evil to God we exercise our souls against such propaganda.  We keep our eyes clear and our souls clean by maintaining the faith that knows that God is good and works nothing for our harm.