The Faith We Keep


We have stated in this space over the past year some of the pillars of truth upon which our faith is founded, and have noted the need for positive declaration rather than mere assent if such faith is to be maintained.  While true belief is an attitude of soul it cannot be confined to theory but is made practical by what we do -- particularly what we as Christian do with the plain commands of the Bible.  God willing, we will continue this year to call attention to The Faith We Keep and will state specifically something of what we do in keeping it.  First then, is a declaration of that faith concerning--

Baptism by Immersion in Water

JESUS CHRIST Himself was baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.  He "came up out of the water" when the rite was accomplished, and we read elsewhere that John chose a place where there was "much water" that he might immerse the candidates.  The Greek word translated "baptize" in this connection never means anything but "immerse."  The Master commissioned His disciples to "go" and to "preach" and also to "baptize" those who believed.  Our attitude toward baptism cannot be affected by denominational differences of opinion, for all sectarianism is unscriptural.  Our guide must not be what we think, what is convenient, what someone else has decided is the thing to do.  The plain words of Scripture are all we have to go by in deciding what is or is not right.  We keep faith with God by practicing the Scripture that calls for a believer to be immersed in water as a testimony to his faith.