The Faith We Keep


WHEN man admits his need of a Saviour, he is in proper condition to find how thorough is the remedy God has provided.  When we are made to see our awful condition it is not to leave us in despair but to bring us to the one means of escape.

We accept to the full those Bible statements that Jesus Christ made atonement for the sins of all men who will believe in Him.  He was the Son of God, born of a woman in human form and subject to all our temptations and trials, yet untouched even once by the sins that were passed on from Adam to all the rest of us.  In His human body He lived a life that was completely pleasing to His Father.  This made Him acceptable as an offering to God for men, and when His work on earth was done He did just that -- became a human sacrifice for the sins of everyone.

He gathered all the wrath of God against sinners onto Himself; and when any man accepts that sacrifice he is positively insured against any penalty for his misdeeds.  All the guilt was laid on Jesus, and the most defiled human being who believes this may go free.

This marvelous fact of forgiveness and escape stirs the heart of the believer to a never-ending wonder at such divine love and wisdom.  Though most men strive in their pride and conceit to imagine that they can do without a dying Saviour, we in His Kingdom exercise our souls to keep unstained our faith in the blood atonement.