The Faith We Keep


Twenty five years ago, when the writer was commencing his senior year in college, he was powerfully stirred by the article which we are reprinting in the following pages.  It was published in the September issue of THE COLLEGE WORLD, the little paper put out by The Kingdom, which years later gave way to THE STANDARD. [September 1958]

It was written by Mr. F. W. Sandford, out of the depth of his heart interest in college men, and is a clear example of the way God's Spirit moved him to bring the Bible into his daily experience.  Led by his example and teaching, we have not been willing to study any part of the Bible as one would ancient history -- with only a detached curiosity -- but to look always for its application to our present problems.

So it was that Daniel, instead of remaining a shadowy figure of Sunday School memory who once escaped the lions, became a college student like myself, facing the same temptations I faced, and overcoming them royally -- and he did not even have help from the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I did to assist me.

The faith we keep is one that walks with God like Enoch, sails with God like Noah, becomes His friend with Abraham, flees impurity with Joseph, ascends Mount Sinai with Moses, sings God's praise with David, and finds in every part of the Bible something that hits us or helps us where we live.  Such was the master working of the "restorer of all things."