The Faith We Keep


KEEPING our faith involves knowing the truth, and more particularly that truth which makes us intelligent in our preparation for eternity.  It is essential that we understand the fact of God's existence and that we receive His revelation as to the origin of matter and of mankind.  But there is more.

We know that in addition to the Supreme Being there exists another individual in the realm of the unseen called the devil.  God's Word makes it plain that he is a person, originally one of the most beautiful and wise of those who the Almighty created to be close to His throne; but his beauty and wisdom turned his head until he fancied himself the equal of his Maker.  This sinful pride bred rebellion; so the archangel became the archfiend as he ranged himself against God.  He has been the leader of anti-God forces ever since.  From the moment of his sin his ultimate destruction has been certain, and his continued liberty is only by permission of the Supreme Being, who is using him to prove the human race.

In order to keep our faith we must be clear in our minds as to the nature and purposes of this adversary.  We keep the faith by recognizing the devil for who and what he is, by stedfastly resisting him, and by giving his lies "no place" in our minds and hearts.